Scúru FitcháduPT

Electronic, Punk

Marcus Veiga aka Scúru Fitchádu (deep dark in Cape Verdean Creole) is a direct reference to both Cape Verdean music and the African matrix, within a punk aesthetic and disruptive electronics where influences and crossovers from different musical universes are aligned. It's the result of an Afro-descendant life experience, the son of a Cape Verdean father and an Angolan mother, who fled the Angolan civil war in the 70s and was born in Lisbon in the 80s, accumulating artistic stimuli from different geographical and life experiences.

The new album Nez Txada skúru dentu skina na braku fundu is a conceptual album inspired by the revolutionary pro-African independence movements, their interventions, guidelines and cultural legacies, establishing a conducting line to a poetic interpretation of the current urban spectrum. This 11-track record, whose sound aspires to a more experimental level, has a strong focus on orality, with subversive and protest rhetoric.