Selma Savolainen Horror VacuiFI

Avant-Garde, Alternative, Folk, Jazz

Vocalist and composer Selma Savolainen, known for her unpredictable music-making and impressive use of her voice, presents her sextet Horror Vacui. Selma’s highly emotional compositions effortlessly combine Finnish folk sounds with jazz and old singer-songwriter styles. Her debut album, Horror Vacui, was released in May 2023 on the prestigious London-based jazz label Whirlwind Recordings and features some of the most sought-after musicians on the Finnish jazz scene. Horror Vacui is a set of songs composed and arranged specifically for this sextet, exploring the fear of emptiness, abandonment and sudden discovery. Savolainen has been praised by Helsingin Sanomat as a singer who has taken Finnish vocal jazz to a new level, and in 2022 Savolainen was awarded the Rising Talent Prize by the Pori Jazz Festival.