Oulu2026 presents

Finnish extravaganza

The biggest and wildest city in Northern Finland, Oulu, will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026. TMW 2024 Oulu2026 presents a taste of the diverse musical extravaganza from the edge of Europe.

Tampere’s Jesse Heikkinen will introduce his dark folk solo project Iterum Nata; from Turku hail shoegazers Ruissalo Amping, from Rovaniemi’s Twilight Zone emerges the propulsive menace of Musta Huone and from the future culture capital come the Madchester revivalists The Southgates. Selma Savolainen Horror Vacui will take us along with fearless explorations into vocal jazz, Sophia Mitiku will serve a soothing dose of avant-R&B, and EMMA-winning Knife Girl will top it off with her melodic gifts.


  1. Iterum NataFI
  2. Ruissalo AmpingFI
  3. The SouthgatesFI
  4. Sophia MitikuFI
  5. Musta HuoneFI
  6. Knife GirlFI