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      Bashar Murad (Arabic: بشار مراد is a Palestinian singer, songwriter, and social activist based in East Jerusalem. His music addresses societal norms, the Israeli Occupation, and LGBT+ rights in the Middle East. He collaborated withIcelandic techno-punks Hatari on the song "Klefi / Samed”, which was shortly released after Hatari raised the Palestinian flag at the grand finale of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. Bashar has also provided backing vocals on Coldplay’s song “Orphans” off their 2019 album Everyday Life. On his most recent EP Maskhara, his Arabic vocals inflect over lyrics about escapism, self-love and of course, beats, Arabic instrumentation and a resounding story of self-belief against the odds became the fuel that drove the East Jerusalem-based singer-producer.

      At TMW Bashar will perform with his Icelandic accomplice Hatari!