Duo RuutEE

  • Alternative
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Global

Duo Ruut (Duo Square) is an intersection between two young Estonian musicians and songwriters of fairly different tastes. Their sound ties together a single Estonian zither and two distinct voices. Composing on one instrument sets rather narrow limits so it has become the main challenge for the duo to let their imagination out of the box and pack their music full of new and exciting ideas.

In 2019 they released debut album Tuule sõnad which was won the Debut Album of the Year at the Estonian Ethno Music Awards 2020, followed by the internationally acclaimed EP Kulla kerguseks (Golden Light). During a short period of time Duo Ruut has already toured in Europe, Uzbekistan and Japan.

"Their music creates a soothing ambience, with every person in the room captivated by their synchronicity” – The List, UK