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Duo Ruut (Duo Square) is an intersection between two musicians of fairly different backgrounds and tastes. After getting a new kick out of the folklore of their ancestors, Katariina Kivi and Ann-Lisett Rebane found themselves sitting together, holding one Estonian zither between them. On the one hand, it was merely a coincidence of several circumstances, but on the other hand, it was the result of a long period of experimentation and academic study. The new instrument was a fresh start for the duo, as it offered many possibilities to invent and master new techniques. Composing on one instrument sets rather narrow limits, so it became the main challenge for the duo to let their imagination out of the box and pack their music full of new and exciting ideas.

In 2019 Duo Ruut released debut album Tuule sõnad, which received the Debut Album of the Year at the Estonian Ethno Music Awards in 2020.

"Their music creates a soothing ambience, with every person in the room captivated by their synchronicity” – The List (UK)