Maris PihlapEE

  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Singer-songwriter
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Singer and multi-instrumentalist Maris Pihlap describes herself as a jazz geek among folk musicians, a raver in a city of jazz clubs, and an old fiddler accidentally lost in Tomorrowland. This honest and witty peek into her soul hints at the everlasting struggle to find a place in the world of music. Instead of trying to find an already existing place, Maris found the courage to take all the sounds she had absorbed and create something new, not limiting herself to genres or moods. Her creation starts with words and everything else is placed in the service of thought.

Maris’ debut LP What Have You Become? (2021) is her way of untangling the emotions of becoming a woman and the discomforts of change. While the album might seem quite melancholic, its purpose is not to bring more sadness into this world. Instead, she tries to create a space where others too could feel free to express their worries in a safe environment, instead of being discarded amid all the fake-positivity. Maris Pihlap’s music is to be taken as a collection of postcards from different points in her journey. It’s about as chaotic as early adulthood can get.