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Mehehehe is an ambient ethno duo that explores the roots of Polish village music and folk magic tradition. Using a looper, acoustic folk instruments, spindles and singing, they create music that takes listeners to a mysterious world of rural rituals.

Mehehe debuted in spring 2018 as one of the winners of the most important ethno music festival in Poland. In 2019 they released their debut album CIEMNIENIE (Best Polish World Music Album 2019). They perform both in Poland and internationally at the most important music festivals and clubs as well as in the occasional unusual venue, such as an old cemetery, a synagogue or a riverbank.

In 2020 Mehehe joined Keychange, an international initiative aimed at reaching gender balance in the music industry.

The group consists of the award-winning musicians Helena Matuszewska, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, expert in knee-fiddles and fingernail-playing-technique, and Basia Songin, a singer, composer and songwriter, as well as a master of self-designed instruments.