Crossover, Folk, Folktronica, Techno

OOPUS is a folktronica fourpiece from a country of wild forests, magical bogs, sea and innovative tech. Its members fuse together thousands of years old Estonian runo songs, analogue acid synths, movement-triggered lights and visuals electrifying the dance floor like no other. Their powerful genre-bending performances induce a ritualistic experience that erases the borders between high and low, ancient and modern - it is true to the roots-ethno rave.

In 2022 OOPUS released a live audiovisual improvisational album Inventing Lunar Cycle and their 2nd studio album Folk On Acid in addition to several singles and remixes. Folk On Acid was awarded with Estonian Public Broadcasting channel Raadio 2’s special prize at Etnokulp - Estonian Ethno Music Awards 2022.

OOPUS is Mari Meentalo (Estonian bagpipes, vocals and loopers), Johannes Ahun (analogue synthesizers, live sound engineer), Aleksander Sprohgis (light installations and visuals) and Raho Aadla (dance).