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Ouu entered the Estonian indie-consciousness in 2014 with their melodic folk-tinged debut album Sammalhabe. After plying their trade on stages both in Estonia and abroad, the band released their second album Mango Fetch to major critical success. After a brief detour to good old rock'n'roll with their Papa Solveig EP (2018), Ouu returned to its roots by experimenting and exploring new heights within a harmony-driven hemisphere. After a successful run of adventurous music videos, Ouu released their third LP, a synth-driven pop opus Saint Froteè in spring 2021.

“Ouu is one of the last real-deal indie bands – like some post-apocalyptic gang of gypsies, dressed in multicolored rags, but for some reason or other, manage to pull it off. For every trainwreck of their gig, there are moments of spontaneous brilliance and a sense of danger that is a deliberate result of the do-it-yourself chaos.” - beehype