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Duo Puuluup plays the talharpas – a bowed lyre popular in Northern Europe since the early middle ages and played on Estonian islands until the beginning of 20th century. However, the talharpa acts strangely in the hands of Puuluup. It is electrified, looped, and often played in experimental techniques. It takes after the old tradition but definitely has another agenda as well. What do you call a thing that's been reanimated from the dead and acts weirdly? A zombie! Thus, Puuluup calls their music zombiefolk.

Puuluup released their debut LP Süüta mu lumi (Light My Snow) in 2018. The album received a lot of critical acclaim and awards, both in the traditional music scene and more broadly, including a nomination for the best Estonian record at Estonian Music Awards in 2019. A year later their single “Kasekesed'' was nominated as the song of the year. However, Puuluup is most praised for their live shows, which are enriched with elements of absurdly lovely choreography and dry humour.