Raul Ojamaa EE

  • Crossover
  • Dance
  • Electronic
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Raul Ojamaa is an Estonian producer/guitarist who has been writing, performing and recording music for almost ten years. The past five years have taken him deep down the “rabbit hole” of music production. Ojamaa has worked with local bands and pop artists and has gained both commercial and critical acclaim in his homeland. Among other recognitions, he has won three national music awards including Album of the Year with his band Miljardid.

Ojamaa’s style is a blend of his earlier adolescent influences, which he expresses through combining acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. Having written demos in this style already since 2015, he finally decided to finish and release the music he had jammed during the pandemic quarantine after hours. This output is atmospheric, yet groovy – a soundtrack to dance to by yourself through the ups and downs of everyday life. It’s a search to find this common feeling in every person.