Become a volunteer!

TMW 2021 volunteer information day at Nordic Hotel Forum. Photo: Marina Pushkar

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) 2023 taking place on 10 – 14 May, is looking for active and helpful people to join the festival’s volunteer team. Let’s make it the most awesome festival ever!

Volunteers play a large role in making the event successful. Their help and skills are priceless both before and during the festival. Reinforcements are welcome in the ranks of everyone from ticket checkers to vendors of fan goodies, information personnel to those lifting stuff from place to place.

We offer TMW 2023 Festival Pass to each volunteer that grants access to every showcase night  in the festival. In addition, during work hours, we take care of the volunteers’ catering and transportation. We prefer to engage volunteers who are at least 18 years old.

How to join:

Submit your application HERE

Submission deadline: 4 April 2022

Additional questions:

See you at the festival! 

TMW 2021 Volunteer afterparty at Sveta Baar. Photo: Tanel Tero