City Stages in Narva

TMW 2023 will take place on 10 – 14 May 2023. The programme will be announced from February until April 2023. Until then you can check out what went on at last year’s festival below.

7 May 2022

Free daytime gigs by the TMW artists in unusual places across the city of Narva.

Joaoru rannahoone plats / Joaoru beach house square

13.00 DB4 (EE)
14.00 ЧЕ (EE)
15.00 Marten Kuningas & Robert Linna (EE)
16.00 Hour of Canadian artists
17.00 Pale Alison (EE)

Dahlberg stage, Narva river promenade

14:30 Fenno-Ugrian artists
15.30 SHIRA (EE)
16.30 Genka & Alla Jakubova ensemble (EE)

Youth street sport square skate park (Tuleviku 9)

14.00 Propazha (EE)
15.00 SizeoptimaL (EE)
16.00 Fenkii (EE)

Vabaduse Square city stage. Photo: Sulev Lange
EKKM city stage. Photo: Diana Pashkovich
Viru Centre Stage by Nordic Hotel Forum. Photo: Anni Betti Noormaa
AIGEL at Freedom square. Photo: Kersti Saumann
Around the Sun at Reisijate street / Photo: Ake Heiman
Robin Nõgisto at Velvet Design Agency / Photo: Kaie Kiil