Conference Programme

TMW 2023 will take place on 10 – 14 May and the conference on 12 – 13 May 2023. The programme will be announced in spring 2023. Until then you can check out last year’s conference programme below.

TMW 2022 Creative Impact Conference
Fri, 6 May ┃ Nordic Hotel Forum, TALLINN
Sat, 7 May
 ┃ OBJEKT multimedia hub, NARVA

Delegates’ brunch. TMW 2014. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

TMW 2022 PRO delegates’ programme

Thursday, 5 May, Tallinn

10:00 – 17:00 Dolby Atmos showroom / WOLF, Nordic Hotel Forum
Made especially for TMW, this showroom presents an opportunity for delegates to acquaint themselves with the innovation of Dolby Atmos audio format. The showroom manager Jaan Jaago will be happy to answer any questions regarding this subject and it will be possible to listen to music mixed in Dolby Atmos from different sound systems, including a 7.1.4 studio monitor setup. You are welcome to come and experience the next sonic leap in audio technology.  


09:00 – 15:00 Keychange Creative Labs / Nordic Hotel Forum
16:00 – 17:00 Opening Concert with Ivan Dorn / Telliskivi Creative City
17:00 – 18:30 TMW Opening Reception / Fotografiska
Opening words:
Kaarel Oja, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn
Helen Sildna, Founder of Tallinn Music Week
Ave Tölpt, Director of Music Estonia

Themes For Great Cities: Tallinn
Limited edition vinyl LP presentation by Alex Maiolo 

Themes For Great Cities is a concept based on found sounds and field recordings that presents both the present reality of a city and its reimagined sound maps. Themes for Great Cities: Tallinn premiered at last year’s TMW to be followed up this year by a new Tallinn-Narva mix to exhibit the symbiosis of the two cities.
The recording from TMW 2021 premier is now available on limited edition vinyl LP. The participants of the project will present the new product and share a light on how to combine the old and new technologies and bring together everything a music fan and collector loves.

Friday, 6 May, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn

09:30 Conference Opening
Coffee available at the conference lobby


10:00 – 10:15 Opening speeches 
Tiit Terik, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Estonia
Helen Sildna, Founder of Tallinn Music Week and Shiftworks

10:15 – 11:30 Opening Panel: The impact of music in crisis and conflict 
On the 24th of February the world changed. Russian aggression to Ukraine has resulted in destruction unimaginable just two months ago. It has also resulted in the largest flow of refugees Europe has experienced after WW2, as well as rising tension levels within our communities.
We have all had to re-evaluate what we do. The role of music and arts in creating purpose and unity as well as rebuilding cities and communities is more important than ever. We see the President of a country in war finding time to address the Grammy Awards and the Venice Biennale, we see musicians and artists across the globe becoming the voice and the imagery of Ukraine, we see the culture sector, who suffered the most in global pandemic, coming to the rescue. Time to acknowledge the impact of culture in driving our societies, time to turn around the Maslow pyramide and place the notion of self determination to the core and bottom of what makes us tick?

Keynote addresses:
Anna Marazuela Kim: “The vital role of culture in civic thriving, the soft power tools of culture” 
Senior Adviser and Cultural Historian, The Center for Creative Arts, Cultures and Engagement at London Metropolitan University
Alona Savranenko aka alyona alyona,
Ukrainian rapper and songwriter 

Followed by a panel discussion:
Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Festival Director of Oslo World Festival, co-founder of the Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival in Lebanon
Nick Hobbs, Managing director and owner of Charmenko, Charmworks & Charm Music 
Anna Marazuela Kim, Senior Adviser and Cultural Historian
Moderator: Helen Sildna, Founder of Tallinn Music Week 

12:15 – 13:30 Strengthening the sector: new initiatives and roles of music export offices
Solid ties and strong networks are more important than ever in times when something even more horrific than COVID is happening in Europe. How to revive cross-border cooperation and find a common voice on European level across fragmented regions? How to regain motivation for music entrepreneurs and build the capacity of exporters?
Representatives of European export offices discuss new initiatives and strategies at the EU level through the European Music Exporters Exchange network to highlight possibilities for a more sustainable future.

Sigrtyggur Baldursson, Managing Director of Iceland Music
Kaisa Rönkkö, Executive Director of Music Finland
Jesper Thorsson, CEO, Export Music Sweden
Corinne Sadki, Head of European Affairs and Gender Equality at Centre national de la musique, (CNM) president of EMEE
Benjamin Demelemester, International Project Manager at Centre national de la musique, (CNM)
Neus Lopez, Head of Export and Structural Funding of Initiative Musik
Moderator: Ave Tölpt, Director of Music Estonia 

14:00 – 15:00 The Perfect Fit. How to land a sync placement? 
A behind the scenes look at the decisions that are made when selecting a song for a sync placement.
How to present music in the best way possible to make sure you’re not hindering its possibilities for the right placement? How tempo, tone/feeling, theme and an overall context all play a role if a song gets selected or not selected? What are all the small pieces that need to fall into place for the perfect match?
Top music supervisors will discuss the whole process from beginning to end and examine the choices made on the way.

David McGinnis
, Managing Director of Mute Song
Markus Linde, Owner of thag’s agent
Pia Hoffman, Music Supervisor
Ida-Lee Brandel, Sync Manager, Independent Music Supervisor, Cosmos Music
Moderator: Toomas Olljum, Made In Baltics founder and CEO

15:30 – 16:30 Bella Union 25: Simon & Abbey Raymonde
2022 is a big year for Bella Union as the label celebrates its 25th anniversary. What started as a vehicle for Cocteau Twins to release their own records has become an award-winning indie label with a remarkable list of talent and impeccable ethics – a home to a line-up of outrageous talent. Hear the story of how to run a label that has helped shape our perception of independence and get to know what exactly makes a Bella Union artist.

Simon Raymonde, Owner and Managing Director of Bella Union  
Abbey Raymonde, Co-managing director of Bella Union Artist Management LTD
Moderator: Fergal Kinney, music and culture journalist  


11:45 – 12:45 The Art of PR & Wild Frontiers of Britpop. Interview with Jane Savidge
Jane Savidge, a co-founder and head of PR juggernaut Savage & Best, was a key figure in the inception of the Britpop movement representing, amongst others, Suede, Pulp, Elastica, Menswear, and The Auteurs. Savidge’s new book Here They Come With Their Make Up On: Suede, Coming Up… And More Adventures Beyond The Wild Frontiers examines in exquisite detail how Suede emerged from the chaotic remnants of their career and somehow managed to conjure up their most celebrated album to date.
Jane will introduce her new book and tell about a time before social media when the music press was a gateway to the fans and when overexposure was an alien concept. 

Speaker: Jane Savidge, Co-Founder and Head of Savage & Best, writer and PR
Moderator: Paul Cheeetham, Consultant at The SuperSwell Collective

Here They Come With Their Make Up On: Suede, Coming Up… And More Adventures Beyond The Wild Frontiers book signing session in the lobby 

13:00 – 14:00 UNESCO Cities of Music present: music and culture for the refugee crisis and integration
On 24 February the world changed. Russian aggression to Ukraine has resulted in destruction unimaginable just two months ago. It has also resulted in the largest flow of refugees Europe has experienced after WW2, as well as tension within our communities. How are the cities copying with it, how has the music sector responded and what had to be changed in already existing master plans, like the UNESCO Cities of Music strategy? How can we contribute?

Helen Sildna, Founder of Tallinn Music Week, Shiftworks
Lennart Sundja, Head of Culture Unit of Tallinn Culture and Sports Department
Sandra Wall,  Creative industries development coordinator at Norrköpings kommun UNESCO City of Music
Martyna van Nieuwland, Head of Programming of Katowice City of Gardens
Codruta Vulcu, Owner/CEO of ARTmania, Bucharest, Romania
Moderator: Balazs Weyer, Director of Programming at Hangvető 

14:10 – 14:30 Featuring and promoting all manners of peripheric music
Far too much European music remains under-promoted and under-valued. Traditions are often ignored and not re-invented or included in new projects. The European project Musika Peripherika aims at filming European heritage, creating new market models to promote folk and other traditions, fostering innovative cross-border musical projects, and developing new remuneration schemes to ensure everyone gets paid fairly. Trusted rights data will help. This cross-sectoral project is supported by the Creative Europe Programme.

Presentation: Philippe Rixhon, Co-Founder and CEO of Digiciti

14:30 – 15:45 Music and Film. Interview with music producer and film music composer Johnny Klimek, followed by a discussion on story-telling through music

Johnny Klimek, Film Composer 
Kristjan Järvi, Founder & CEO of Sunbeam Productions
Kristjan Randalu, Musician and composer  
Moderator: Kaisa Rönkkö, Executive Director of Music Finland

16:00 – 17:00 Breaking out of the showcase circuit
Showcase festivals help artists be seen and heard. They’re supposed to lift them up and send them off to the ‘real world’ of touring and gigging. But sometimes instead of spreading their wings artists end up stuck where they started. Is it them? Is it the system? Is there some kind of a sweet spot to hit or secret sauce to pour over your live show? Come and find out in this session with showcase festival organisers and seasoned participants.

Robert Meijerink, Head of Programme & Booker at Eurosonic Noorderslag
Adam Ryan, Head of Music of The Great Escape
Beckie Sugden, Agent at ICM Partners/Primary Talent
Erik Egenes, Head of Press and International at by:Larm
Natasha Padabed, Agent and Curator at More Zvukov Agency
Moderator: Martiina Putnik, Manager at Monday Morning Management


11:00 – 12:00 The Baltic Music Business – what’s on the horizon?
While the impact of COVID-19 and war have put enormous pressure on our industry, we are also reaching a moment in time, when the GDP per capita will allow people in the Baltics to invest and spend on their free time. While public funding on culture is in danger of shrinking due to war-related budget constraints, the pressure to find new business avenues and wider target groups for music is real. The smaller our markets, the bigger our need to offer great products and services to a group of diverse consumers. This panel will discuss a joint Baltic music market, new business opportunities, smart sales and breaking the algorithm bubbles, as well as new revenue streams and the mystery of NFTs. Two 10-minute presentations will be followed by a discussion between Baltic experts on the future of Baltic Music Business.

Jaanus Beilmann, Board Member of Piletilevi Group: “Are we closing ourselves into algorithm bubbles?”
Erki Koldits, Founder of music startup PopSpot, expert of crypto trade: “Making money on social media – is it possible?”

Followed by a panel discussion
Martynas Butkevičius, Founder of 8 Days a Week
Kaarel Sein, Head of Artist Bookings & Management at PS Music Events, Co-founder of GRIND
Erki Koldits, Founder of a music startup PopSpot, expert of crypto trade
Jaanus Beilmann, Board Member of Piletilevi Group
Mart Eensalu, Chairman of Board at LiveNation Baltics
Moderator: Hannes Tschürtz, Founder of Ink Music GmbH

12:15 – 13:15 HEMI Guide to Central & Eastern European Music Markets
In the post-pandemic and politically insane world, it is essential to learn about the diverse possibilities of different European music markets. Is Central and Eastern Europe still the “Wild East of Europe” or a hidden pearl of the continent? What are the key entry points and what should an artist know when approaching Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland? 
Get to know these markets in a panel presented by The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) and meet the region’s key people. The panel will be followed by a networking session with the panellists over a coffee table in the conference centre lobby.
HEMI is a European initiative aiming to support artists and music professionals from CSEE region. Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, HEMI’s vision is to trademark the region’s music creativity.

Georges Perot, Founder & Managing Director at Meso Events
Iulia Pop, Co-Founder of Overground Music
Peter Baroš, Secretary General of SIGIC & Music Slovenia
Andraž Kajzer, Artistic Director of MENT Ljubljana 
Márton Náray, Head of office at SoundCzech
Wioletta Brzęcka, Music specialist at Krakow Festival Office
Moderator: Jaanika Lillemaa, Head of International Projects at Music Estonia

13:30 – 14:30 Resilience & recovery of the live industry
The live events industry was hit hard over the past crisis years. After being essentially shuttered down, going back to what used to be is not an option. The question now is not just rising up again, but coming out stronger, better and wiser. Sustainable recovery is expensive. Or is it really? Small steps might matter more than we might think in building a resilient future for our beloved industry. 

Linnéa Elisabeth Svensson, Board Member at Greener Events
Ralf Diemert, Founder and Managing Director of von der haardt
Eva Palm, Head Promoter of LiveNation Estonia
Suzi Green, Tour Manager at The Back Lounge and Healthy Touring
Moderator: Ingrid Stroom, Head of Live Music Estonia

14:45- 15:45 Songwriters Talk. Inspiration, collaboration and execution 
A discussion between accomplished songwriters and producers who collectively have gained about a billion streams in their name over different digital platforms. They will dive deep into the core of the creative process – what sparks inspiration, what does the journey of the song from an idea to a finished form look like and how are the best collaborations born. Let’s hear stories from studios and find out if you can really ever tell that “this one is going to be big”.

Kerli Kõiv, Artist and songwriter
Sophie Lindinger, Artist, producer and songwriter of My Ugly Clementine and Leyya
Clifford Goilo, Producer and songwriter, Goilo Music
Pelle Nylén, songwriter 
Moderator: Daniel Levi Viinalass, Artist and songwriter

16:00 – 17:00 Clubbing Heritage x Hall Tallinn
With core focus on labels and young talents of Estonia, this panel will explore the past, the present and the empowering potential of club culture and nightlife on both an individual, social and political level, We will explore COVID-19 backlash – from toleration to restrictions – across various territories and look for bridges to the future, while learning the secrets of label management and music production from the inimitable Neel aka Giuseppe Tillieci. 

Giuseppe Tillieci, Co-owner of Spazio Disponibile
Natig Ismayi, Co-founder of iN club & Chain Agency
Giuseppe Moramarco, Founder of Scene Clubbing Heritage
Heidy Purga, Member of the Committee on Culture and Education – Riigikogu, Estonia; radio journalist and DJ
Micaela Saraceno, Resident DJ at HALL
Tyler Golato, DJ, producer, promoter and consultant at Scene Clubbing Heritage
Kärt Kelder, cultural journalist


11:45 – 12:45 Just listening? Radio as a source of data and a tool for growth
This panel will start with a 10min presentation by Jesper Skibsby from World Airplay Radio Monitor (WARM), who’ll take a closer look at radio monitoring today and the possibilities that it creates. The panel will continue exploring the values of radio that go beyond finding great music, providing us with data for market intelligence and claiming royalties.
How to use radio data to work smarter with promoting your music and building artist strategies? What radios to focus on, is DIY radio promotion possible and how to hire the right radio plugger?

Jesper Skibsby, Founder and CEO of WARM
Daniel Kinkartz
, Managing Director of Kinkartz PR
Juan Vandervoort, Director of Recordings at PIAS
Carola Madis, Executive editor/producer at Estonian Public Broadcasting radio, Raadio 2
Methe Buhl, Manager at Pittbuhl Management
Moderator: Henrik Ehte, Ambassador of Estonian Funk Embassy

13:15 – 14:15 Female producers – where are they?
According to the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, published in March 2022, in the last decade only one woman has been nominated as Producer of the Year at the Grammys. No woman has ever won the title. Of 700 popular songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Charts, the ratio of men to women producers is 35.2 to 1. Why aren’t we seeing more female producers featured on the most popular songs? Is there a problem and how can we help are the core discussion points of this panel. 

Imke Machura, Founder and management board member at RAKETEREI
Maris Pihlap, Singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer
Grettel Killing, Artist manager at Tier Music
Sophie Lindinger, Artist, producer and songwriter of My Ugly Clementine and Leyya
Shereen Perera, Senior Producer at The WOW Foundation
Moderator: Sandra Perens, A&R manager at Tier Music Management, Event Coordinator at Arvo Pärt Centre 

14:30 – 15:30 Small venues in a big world
Grassroots venues are where great talent starts out. From bustling pubs with live music, to arty post-industrial spaces, they provide a central beacon of activity that inspires cities to be musical. Grassroots venues may be small dots on a map, yet they are able to formulate a powerful network if one would join these dots.
A survey on the small venues in Finland and Estonia was carried out in fall 2021. How similar or different are those venues according to that survey? What’s the potential impact of these small places on an international scale?

Joni Bitter, Manager of Bar Loose
Madleen Teetsov-Faulkner, Programme manager and owner of Sveta Baar
Kaspars Kondratjuks, Board Member of Kaņepes Kultūras centrs
Koen Ter Heegde, Director of Yugofuturism, Co-founder of Subroutine Records
Laura Ferrero, Coordinator for international projects at Kvaka 22
Moderator: Jenna Lahtinen, Executive Director of LiveFIN

15:45 – 17:00 Immersive audio & Dolby Atmos – the future of music?
Immersive audio formats are making the jump from post-production to the music world with Dolby Laboratories’ Atmos delivery format leading the charge. As major streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal are actively promoting Dolby Atmos music content and billions of compatible consumer devices have already been sold worldwide, there is no denying that there is a lot of momentum in this edition of “more-than-stereo” music listening. The panel will discuss different aspects of immersive audio, the technicalities of delivery in this format and the excitement and value it is bringing to the music world.

Kaur Kenk, CEO of Studio Sound
Tomi Pietilä, Owner of TomFloor Production Oy
Jaan Jaago, Viljandi Atmos Studio


13:30 – 14:30 Artist Development seminar by Alma Ernst: How to create a sustainable artist career – registration required
Get ahead of the game with Alma Ernst as she walks through her decades of experience helping artists develop careers in the music industry. From working with promoters to creating beneficial habits, her insights will give you the tools to build a sustainable career as an electronic musician.

Speaker: Alma Ernst, Senior Agent at Little Big Agency

15.00 – 17:00 HEMI incubator kickoff meeting By invitations only
The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) is proud to announce the launch of HEMI Incubator, the first music business incubation and acceleration programme in the region, organised in collaboration with top industry experts and mentors and in partnership with some of the most active and results-oriented music and Tech organisations and associations in Europe. For the first cycle, 30 participants have been selected and will officially be announced during TMW 2022. 


10:00 – 18:00 Dolby Atmos showroom 
Made especially for TMW, this showroom presents an opportunity for delegates to acquaint themselves with the innovation of Dolby Atmos audio format. The showroom manager Jaan Jaago will be happy to answer any questions regarding this subject and it will be possible to listen to music mixed in Dolby Atmos from different sound systems, including a 7.1.4 studio monitor setup. You are welcome to come and experience the next sonic leap in audio technology.  


11:30 – 12:15 Mentoring session: Tom Sherlock, Tom Sherlock Management – registration required
Topics to discuss: Practical band and brand development, international touring, publishing and synchronisation

12:45 – 13:30 Mentoring session: Rob McGee, FMLY Agency – registration required 
Topics to discuss: touring, UK music industry insight, artist development, social media platforms, self-releasing, strategy, building an international fan base

14:00 – 14:45 Mentoring session: Kim Wagenaar, Peer Agency – registration required 
Topics to discuss: artist management, strategy, marketing, creative brainstorming

15:15 – 16:00 Mentoring session: Lydia Kirschstein, Trinifold Management – registration required 
Topics to discuss: artist development and strategy, insight into the UK market, self-releasing, general advice from a manager’s perspective

16:30 – 17:15 Mentoring session: Martyna van Nieuwland, Katowice City of Gardens – registration required 
Topics to discuss: jazz, global music, showcasing, networking, PR

Saturday, 7 May, OBJEKT & Vaba Lava Narva

07:55 – 10:30 Speed-meeting train!
Tallinn – Narva train with coffee and speed-meetings
Registration info will be sent in PRO news-letters

7:20 Shuttle bus from Nordic Hotel Forum
7:55 – 10:30 Train from Tallinn railway station to Narva
NB! You do not need to buy a ticket to the train, this has already been taken care of!

You are welcome to take a seat in the first and last wagon. TMW team members will help you to find a seat.
There will be 2 meeting sessions during the trip 08:10 – 09:10 and 09.30 – 10.30.
Coffee and sandwiches served.

8:00 Tallinn – Narva buses for delegates going to Narva

10:00 – 12:00 Morning Coffee at Vaba Lava Narva Café


12:00 TMW 2022 opening in Narva / Vaba Lava Narva (Linda 2) outdoors
Opening addresses:
Alar Karis
, President of the Republic of Estonia
Katri Raik, Mayor of Narva 


12:30 – 13:00 The Story of Narva. Why does it matter?
Presentation by Ivan Sergejev, an architect and formerly the Chief Architect of Narva, team member of Station Narva festival, currently coordinating the development of Estonia’s just transition plan at the Republic of Estonia Ministry of Finance

How Music Markets Develop? Keynote presentation by music market experts:

13:00 – 13:30 Sigtryggur Baldursson, Managing Director of Iceland Music:
The story of Iceland: export or die!

13:30 – 14:00 Kaisa Rönkkö, Executive Director of Music Finland:
The happiest nation with the darkest music

14:00 – 14:30 Nick Hobbs: Managing Director of Charmenko:
The story of Eastern Europe: from the 60’s to now

14:30 – 14:45 Jane Savidge, place branding through music and culture
Co-Founder and Head of Savage & Best, writer

14:30 – 15.30 Culture Makes a City / Kultuur kujundab linna 
In 2018 Narva set off on the path to apply for the title of the European Capital of Culture. The journey is still in motion. Can culture be the driver for economy, motivation and social well-being? Can culture also be part of a defense strategy?    

Jaanus Mikk, Narva Gate, CEO of Kreenholm
Allan Kaldoja, Founder of Vaba Lava Theatre and Linda2 Creative Center
Tarvi Sits, Secretary General at Estonian Ministry of Culture 
Jana Budkovskaja, Founder of OBJEKT
Jane Savidge, Co-Founder and Head of Savage & Best

Moderator: Helen Sildna, Founder of TMW and Station Narva

OBJEKT multimedia space

14:00 – 15:30 Networking by Music Estonia, Ida-Viru Creative Cluster and TMW.
Meet the movers and shakers of the regional music industry
Opening words:
Ave Tölpt, Head of Music Estonia
Piia Tamm, Head of Viru Film Fund and Ida-Viru Creative Cluster

Connect with Music Estonia, development center that works with Estonian music companies, offering them skills, knowledge and contacts for successful entrepreneurship. In order to be connected internationally we must have a sector that is based on knowledge and able to make itself heard in society. Let’s meet the regional music industry and get to know the creatives of Ida-Viru and find out how we can support each other. 

Invited guests: TMW PRO delegates, regional music sector, TMW artists and partners

OBJEKT Incubator space

12:30 – 15:30 Music Industry Speed Meetings
An opportunity to arrange private 15-minute meetings with 10 hand-picked international music industry experts. Registration info will be sent in PRO news-letters.


14:00 – 15:30 Networking by Music Estonia, Ida-Viru Creative Cluster and TMW. Meet the movers and shakers of the regional music industry

14:30 – 15:30 Tour of Narva with Peeter Tambu, City Architect of Narva (english spoken)
Meet-up point at TMW Info Desk in Vaba Lava Narva

16:00 Arvo Pärt “Da pacem Domine”, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste
Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral 

Sunday, 8 May, Narva

10:00 Breakfast at VitaTiim, purchase the ticket: 

12:00 – 14:00 Brunch at Narva community garden
Vaba Loome Keskus (Vabaduse 20)

14:00 – 16:00 Planting trees or going on excursions or travelling to Tallinn, thank you!

*PRO delegates can choose either to travel back to Tallinn at night or, if flight schedules allow, stay until Sunday in Narva.

Taking place in Tallinn’s Nordic Hotel Forum on Friday, 6 May and in Narva’s multimedia hub OBJEKT on Saturday, 7 May as well as online on the PRO platform, TMW 2022 conference features leading industry speakers who will take part in in-depth discussions on better policies, smart touring, regional markets and global networks. Among the topic tracks are also the impact of music on social empowerment, human rights, diversity and sustainable cities.

TMW 2022 will take place in Tallinn and Narva as a statement of solidarity. Estonia’s capital Tallinn which from this year bears the title of UNESCO City of Music will send a musical greeting to the eastern border of Estonia.