Mission and Values

TMW is presented by Telia

TMW 2017. Photo: Patrik Tamm


TMW is our contribution to a better society: 

We create opportunities for diverse talent

We offer a shared space

We unite with synergy and co-creation

We offer artistic discoveries, joy and inspiration

We strive for sustainable impact

We cherish diversity

We welcome all – come as you are


We value:

Adventurous, creative thinking

Collaboration and unity

Equal opportunities and diversity

Sustainable development


We believe in

Arts and culture as the glue for society and an engine for the economy 

What we offer

TMW is a tool for change.

Goals we help to achieve in society

  • Empowering tomorrow’s arts and ideas
  • Offering a stage to diverse voices
  • Striving for purpose, pride and motivation
  • Fostering diplomacy through arts and culture
  • Joining East and West, North and South
  • Promoting awareness on Sustainable Development Goals

Results we bring to music and creative sectors

  • Business opportunities for musicians, companies, brands and creatives
  • International networks and wider recognition
  • Improved knowledge and career enhancement tools
  • Cross-cultural inspiration and education
  • Regional collaboration 

Results we bring to tourism and the economy

  • Attracting tourism and trade
  • Encouraging creative industries 
  • Supporting exports and international visibility
  • Enhancing international press coverage
  • Encouraging business opportunities and increased brand value
  • Promoting neighbourhoods, venues and brands

Results we bring to the citizens

  • Supporting people-centered cities and neighbourhoods
  • Offering inclusion to diverse target groups
  • Advancing accessibility to culture
  • Empowering the youth and including the seniors
  • Offering excitement, inspiration and joy