Mission and Values


TMW is our contribution to a better society through tomorrow’s music, arts and ideas 

  • We create opportunities for diverse talent
  • We unite with synergy and co-creation
  • We offer artistic discoveries, joy and inspiration
  • We strive for sustainable impact
  • We cherish diversity
  • We offer a shared space
  • We welcome all – come as you are 
  • We contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), read more

We value

  • Adventurous, creative thinking
  • Collaboration and solidarity
  • Equal opportunities and diversity
  • A sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Lifelong learning
  • Ideas and Innovation

We believe that

Arts & Culture are the glue for society and an engine for the economy 

What we offer

TMW is a tool for positive change in society

To society

  • Empowering tomorrow’s arts and ideas
  • Providing a stage to diverse voices and talents
  • Striving for purpose and pride 
  • Diversifying Estonian cultural scene
  • Fostering diplomacy through Arts & Culture
  • Promoting awareness of Sustainable Development Goals, read more

To music and creative sector

  • Business opportunities for musicians, creatives, companies and brands
  • International networks and wider recognition
  • Improved knowhow and career opportunities 
  • Cross-cultural inspiration and education
  • Regional, national and international collaborations 

To Estonian economy

  • Introducing Estonia and Tallinn
  • Attracting tourism and trade
  • Developing creative industries 
  • Supporting exports and trade
  • Enhancing international relations, networks and visibility
  • Promoting neighbourhoods, venues and brands

To the citizens

  • Supporting human-centric public spaces and neighbourhoods
  • Offering inclusion to diverse target groups
  • Advancing accessibility to culture
  • Empowering the youth and including the seniors
  • Offering excitement, inspiration and joy