Due to current travel restrictions, artists from Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium will not be able to perform at the TMW and Station Narva festivals. Tommy Cash and NOËP are the new headliners of Station Narva

19 August 2020

Due to travel restrictions currently in place, previously announced artists Roni Size from the UK, Mouse on Mars from Germany, and Iceage from Denmark will not be able to perform at Station Narva next week. Iceage, along with British artists KVB and Chinchilla will also not be able to perform at the upcoming TMW festival. The new headliners for Station Narva are Estonian acts Tommy Cash and NOËP. 

Since over the past week, the number of new coronavirus infections has increased above the allowed norm in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, musicians from these countries will no longer be able to enter Estonia without the obligation to stay in quarantine. Therefore, previously announced Roni Size from the UK, Mouse on Mars from Germany and Iceage from Denmark will not be able to perform at Station Narva on Wednesday, 26 August. For the same reason, Iceage will not perform at TMW in the Nobel Hall in the  Noblessner Foundry on Saturday, 29 August. From the same Nobel Hall showcase, the British acts The KVB and Chinchilla also had to be cancelled. In addition, the Danish bands Cabal and Boundaries, as well as Coilguns and Camilla Sparxxx from Switzerland and Skemer from Belgium, will not make it to the TMW festival.

“The festival programme now includes artists from only those European countries, from which it is possible to travel without the obligation to stay in quarantine for two weeks,” says Roman Demchenko, the head of music programme for TMW and Station Narva. “Cultural events taking place in the coming week were not afforded the same opportunity to use negative tests as a way to avoid the quarantine requirement that large-scale sports events were given. However, none of the foreign artists has two spare weeks to spend in Estonia.”

The TMW showcase night curated by the Stereoleto festival and Sevkabel Port, previously planned to the Nobel Hall in Noblessner Foundry for 29 August, will be cancelled due to three of its performers not being able to travel. The rest of the performers planned for that night will be rescheduled to other TMW showcase events.

Tommy Cash. Photo by Kertin Vasser

The new headliners at Station Narva festival on 26 August will be the renowned Estonian artists Tommy Cash and NOËP. Station Narva’s lineup features also Jesse Markin from Finland, Bendik Giske from Norway, Fremen from Poland and Estonian artists Anna Kaneelina, Lexsoul Dancemachine, Manna, Levski, Bible Club, Tam i Tut, Pale Alison and the Jaama 6 DJs.

Taking place from 27 to 30 August in Tallinn, the TMW festival will present about 140 artists from 8 European countries on 25 showcase nights. In addition to the music festival, mainly located in the Telliskivi Creative City and Port Noblessner, and the Creative Impact Conference at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the festival programme includes various events from art exhibitions to public talks and free daytime concerts across the city, and special programmes in the districts of Lasnamäe and Kopli.

For those, who would like to exchange or return previously purchased Station Narva festival passes or tickets to the TMW Sevkabel Port and Stereoleto showcase night, the festivals the following options:

Exchanges next week from 24 to 29 August at the TMW info desk on the terrace of Viru Keskus:

– exchange the Station Narva festival pass (25 euros) for a TMW pass (65 euros) or a Station Narva 2021 pass.
– exchange the TMW Sevkabel Porti and Stereoleto showcase night ticket for two concert vouchers, valid for any TMW 2020 showcase, at the TMW info desk on the terrace of Viru Keskus.

Returns and exchanges after the festivals:
– exchange a Station Narva 2020 festival pass for a Station Narva 2021 pass
– exchange the TMW Sevkabel Port and Stereoleto showcase ticket for a TMW 2021 showcase ticket

For requests concerning returns or exchanges, requests should be sent after TMW and Station Narva festivals, from 1 to 20 September to ticket@tmw.ee

Station Narva festival passes are on sale for 25 euros through Piletilevi, at the webshop shop.tmw.ee and on location.

The TMW PRO Pass, which gives access to all TMW music festival events as well as the Creative Impact Conference is on sale for 225 euros and the Festival Pass for 65 euros at the TMW webshop shop.tmw.ee. Telia clients receive 20% off tickets bought in advance. Additional information: tmw.ee/passes-tickets

TMW and Station Narva will be organised in line with the rules in place for public events at the time of the event, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In order for festival guests to be able to keep a safe distance and take care of their health, the following conditions have been created at the event venues:

– only half of the usual capacity indoors allowed
– the participating public can be sufficiently dispersed
– a safe distance will be kept
– disinfectants are available at all venues

TMW would like to emphasise that persons, who have been infected with COVID-19 within 14 days before the event or have had contact with a COVID-19 positive, as well as persons with symptoms of acute respiratory infectious diseases (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing), will not be allowed to attend the festival. The organisers recommend for people in the risk groups (the elderly and people with chronic diseases) to not attend the festival this year in the interest of their health.

In the case of participants joining the festival from abroad, the festival is welcoming only those visitors, who come from EU member states, the Schengen area or the United Kingdom, where the rate of new infections per 100 000 persons over the past 14 days is below 17,6.


The TMW and Station Narva festivals are organised by Shiftworks OÜ with various partners and co-organisers. The music programme of both festivals is organised in cooperation with the Damn.Loud agency.