Tallinn Music Week 2023 signature design, co-created with AI, revealed

08 December 2022 Uncategorized

Tallinn Music Week revealed its signature design for 2023, the festival’s 15th edition. Concept created and executed by designers Vello Lutter and Uku Kristjan Küttis of AKU Collective, using artificial intelligence and website design and development by Raik Ilves.

An elegant process of co-creation with human creativity and artificial intelligence – a symbiosis of natural and synthetic – the artwork of TMW 2023 expresses our hope that human-driven creativity, responsibly assisted by technological advantage, is a force of good, to protect and preserve life and beauty on earth. The new signature design expresses the idea of music and culture as an ecosystem, in which the virtual roots and the fruiting bodies, organic cables and tendrils that sprout from it form a dynamic whole.

Vello and Uku: “TMW’s new visual language was co-created with artificial intelligence, as AI generated the visuals from given prompts. Key words that the final solution had to follow were: forward looking, inspired by ecology, fun, flexible, unifying, contemporary, lively, fresh, surprising and cool. The pictures and visuals created by the AI were dipped in a springtime romantic orange-green palette of colours. The prompt the AI followed was “beautiful elegant colorful rhizomes in a wavy eco-system and intertwined with blossomed abstract flowers, high resolution, insanely detailed, photorealistic, 8K.”

Tallinn Music Week 2023 takes place on 10 – 14 May.