Tallinn Music Week and Öun Drinks partner up

10 February 2023 Uncategorized

For Öun, the Estonian craft lemonade producer, it all started with apples. The idea was born among friends who are all connected to the Saaremaa (Ösel) island. The year 2012, when Öun started, was a rich apple year. So rich that people took the apples to the forests to rot. The friends were sorry to see such a waste and decided to do something with these extra apples. The venture quickly turned into an obsession of sharing positive emotions with the world through drinks made from Estonian apples. Öun’s product portfolio has grown rapidly over the years, and by now you can find lemonades, as well as functional beverages and sparkling drinks under their label. Yet local, organic and sustainable are still their key principles today!

We are happy to announce that Tallinn Music Week and Öun have teamed up as partners! We sat down with the awesome makers of Öun, told our stories and tasted their drinks. It turned out that we, the two companies that seemingly operate in completely different fields, have a lot in common! Few important keywords that connect Öun and TMW:

  • Community
  • Green attitude
  • Sustainable
  • Confident
  • Continuous improvement towards quality
  • New trends

It’s important for us to collaborate with a brand which is ran by people led by their hearts and also has an exciting story. Not to mention the drinks – many of us have been fans since the beginning. We really can’t wait to introduce Öun to our festival guests!

The teams of TMW and Öun