Tallinn Music Week with Telia and Spotify announce voting for your favourite artist

04 April 2017

Tallinn Music Week, which took place last week, hosted 276 artists from 32 countries. Until the midnight of April 5th, you can choose your favourite from the TMW website or in the app. The winner of the title will receive 1000€ from Telia to develop their musical career further. Bose Soundlink Mini II portable Bluetooth speakers will be awarded to one of the voters.

Choosing your favourite can be done at the TMW website or in the TMW app*. There are nearly 250 artists in the programme and you can choose any of them.

To vote in the web: log in to myTMW, go to artists and choose a rating from 5-stars for any artist you like to vote for.

To vote in the app: 5-star rating is under each artist profile. When you vote in the app, to register to win cool Bose speakers as a voter, please log in with myTMW or simply fill your profile in the app Settings.

You can rate as many artists as you wish, both in the web or the app.

The voting lasts from March 27th to the midnight of April 5th. The winners, both the artists and the voter, will be announced a week after the festival at TMW and Telia Facebook pages. In previous years, the winners have been Estonian rapper Metsakutsu and Lithuanian indie rock bands BA and Garbanotas Bosistas.

*Get the free TMW2017 app for Apple iOS or Android phones or search for “Tallinn Music Week” or “TMW 2017” at the Apple App Store or Google Play.