TMW Quarantine Stories: Madli-Liis Parts and Vello Lutter

30 March 2020

Today, the guests of our Quarantine Stories are Madli-Liis Parts, the Music Adviser of Estonian Ministry of Culture (Kultuuriministeerium), who has been fantastic support for us and the music sector with keeping us all informed on daily basis and our super-designer Vello Lutter – an essential part of the team, who works with us daily by implementing the design concept, created by AKU. Our designers never stop teaching us on the importance of supporting the message with good visual presentation.

We are impressed by the effective work and open communication by the team of the Ministry of Culture and in general – proud of Estonia’s public sector workers across ministries, municipalities and organisations, who make immense effort around the clock to keep us well. No one was prepared for this, everyone is doing their best. Let us be grateful!

What are you listening, watching, reading etc?

Vello: At the moment, I’m listening mostly to music from the 80s and 90s. My current playlist includes, among others, Bryan Ferry, Billy Idol, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, earlier Tool, etc. I don’t have a TV-set at home, but I watch stuff on the computer –  at the moment rewatching series like “Black Mirror” and “Mad Men” on Netflix. I’m also excited about the new season of “Ozark”. I haven’t even gotten around to reading books yet. Since the whole family is at home, my little boy is demanding a lot of attention, which means doing a lot of puzzles.

Madli-Liis: As my days are extremely information-intensive and multilayered, I deliberately try to take breaks, even for a few minutes. It is best to step out on the balcony and listen to the sounds of the garden or take a turn in the garden to see which plants are bigger today than yesterday, and whether the young nettle is ready for picking and sticking into a teapot. Whatever happens in our lives, nature has its own rhythm and invincible peace. I now feel the power of nature more than I do in my everyday life. I hope to find time to visit the virtual Metropolitan Opera House and the European Opera Halls and Concert Halls. I’m looking forward to the next new digital platform Yesterday, I accidentally discovered a funny video by Puuluup called “Käpapuu”. These days it is important to keep up energy for work, so breathing time is essential.

What are you feeling and thinking about in this situation?

Vello: It is very interesting to experience such an unreal time of our lives. I don’t really have any negative or positive feelings. Mostly I’m focusing on keeping myself on an even keel.

Madli-Liis: I am delighted by loved ones, colleagues, musicians and other people who have helped musicians. I believe that we all motivate each other with dedication and a constructive attitude. Ideas that have been in the works for years are now coming to life in days. I am delighted that people are ignoring worldview differences and working together to find solutions. I hope that the new contacts and co-operation that will emerge today will continue in the future and will bring something extraordinary and constructive to different fields. We all have worries and fears, it is inevitable. It is important where we direct our energy and that we have the ability to think on two levels at once – what is important today and what we want to shape in the future.

What kind of future are you dreaming of?

Vello: A chill one.

Madli-Liis: I very much hope that we do not forget the contacts, experiences, questions and those fantastic feelings of closeness that are coming about today. That we can see the big picture even when we drown in the details. There are a lot of opportunities in the experience we are gaining right now.