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TMW has now grown into a vibrant city festival that educates and entertains the curious mind. The whole city is its playground.
– IQ Magazine (UK)

TMW is a festival that paves the way for future opportunities thanks to its long-standing reputation for expert curation.
– Gigwise (UK)

TMW has displayed the creative potential of Estonia and its capital in a very impressive way. It shows how the creative sector and pop music in particular can bring about societal changes and open up new horizons, for the economy and across generations.
– Barbara Gessler, Directorate General Education and Culture at European Commission

TMW is unlike most other music industry conferences I’ve attended because it’s pushing the definitions of what an event of this kind can be in the 21st century. It embraces art, politics, tech and urbanism in a bold and intelligent way. It breathes the energy of a city where smart young leaders are using music & the creative industries to drive social and political change.
– Vanessa Reed, Founder of Keychange and CEO of PRS for Music

The West is dead, it has lost its mojo! If you want to hear some really good new music, discuss relevant things about music and culture and get a blast of life from the young and beautiful city, come to Tallinn Music Week!
– Ivan Novak, founding member and ideologist of Laibach

I was pretty amazed what has happened to the Estonian music scene. Many different and great venues with good technical conditions and the overall feeling very positive at TMW.
– Kimmo Pohjonen, award-winning Finnish musician

I’ve been to a great number of music festival/conferences over the years and this was one of the very best experiences.
– Simon Reynolds, influential musicologist 

The maverick spirit of TMW is one of adventurous cultural integrity. You could expect the unexpected at TMW.
– Oisin Lunny, Forbes

Confrontation is a key element at Tallinn Music Week. The urge to kick convention till it changes shape is a core element. And this festival – run and shaped predominantly by women – actively pushes equal gender billing; looking to make a mockery of the idea that any one sex (or idea of sex) in the music industry should take precedence over another.
– Richard Foster, The Quietus