TMW public discussions create an arena for ideas and ideologies to bounce off one another in a friendly and lively way. Free entrance for all. Tallinn Music Week 2025 takes place on 3 – 6 April.

TMW 2025 takes place on 3 – 6 April. Till then take a look below at what we did in 2024.

Burning Man Talks @ Nobel, TMW 2024 (Photo: Villu Uustalu)

Wed, April 3

16:00 – 16:30 TMW 2024 Opening Talks (in Estonian)
Terminal Records&Bar (Telliskivi 60/2)
Let us introduce you to the upcoming festival week of tomorrow’s music, arts and ideas – from the music programme to the conference and from Art to Tastes. Let’s talk TMW 2024 open.

Welcome speeches:
Minister of Culture Heidy Purga
Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Kaarel Oja

Overview of the festival week:
Executive Producer of TMW Eva Johanna Lepikov

Our whole team is there for a talk as well.

Greetings are followed by the first TMW 2024 Talks session.

16:30 – 17:30 Edasi presents: “Muusikanõunikud” podcast’s public recording (in Estonian)
Terminal Records&Bar (Telliskivi 60/2)

“Muusikanõunikud” (“Music councillors”) is a Juke Box Jury type show where acclaimed local music critics evaluate new music from near and far.

Valner Valme, Edasi culture editor
Siim Nestor, music editor of Eesti Ekspress’ Areen
An exciting guest is also expected to join the panel.

Presenter: Raul Saaremets, DJ, musician

The jubilee issue of the Edasi paper magazine that features the lead interview with Music Advisors.
is on sale at Terminal.

Muusikanõukogu is made in cooperation with Tallinn UNESCO City of Music.

Thur, April 4
18:00 – 18:50 Finnish Institute presents: Rap message – from bragado to empowerment (in English)

Terminal Records&Bar (Telliskivi 60/2)

Rap music was born as the voice of the underprivileged and the marginalised. Rappers regained their power by boasting about their wealth, success, skills or achievements. This helped establish their credibility, attract fans, engage peers in competition, and express self-confidence. Bragging also took on negative manifestations like toxic masculinity and sexism. Provocatory words which in other contexts sound racist could be used to reclaim or redefine ownership of one’s own identity. Conversely, mumble rap is often framed as having the opposite problem; most of its detractors accuse the genre of almost entirely lacking lyrical substance. 

Does empowering require messages of superiority? Can we rap about being sad or exhausted, mentally strained, poor or lonely? Do we need verbal messages anymore? Is it all still the talk of streets and the key to unlocking Gen Z codes?

Talkers & rappers:

Aleksi Lemola, founder of the Track Factory community

Tiia Meriläinen aka Tiia Karoliina, member of rap crew BÄMÄ

Moderator: Aleksander Algo, journalist

The talk is followed by margiiela’s live

Fri, April 5
17:00 – 17:50 Jane Savidge: “Pulp’s This Is Hardcore” public author reading (in English)
Terminal Records&Bar (Telliskivi 60/2)

The 1990s felt like the end of history with its last parties underway. At least that’s the impression left by the British media and hit parades, loaded with the phenomenon called Britpop and ruled by the posters boys of Cool Britannia like Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp.

One of its main architects was Jane Savidge – a PR magician who was arguably an even bigger star than any of these bands. Jane will be reading excerpts from her book Pulp’s This Is Hardcore, out via Bloomsbury on March 7. It’s a sensitive look into the cultural and historical context of Pulp’s 1998 album This Is Hardcore  – a vast, ambitious, sprawling and fractured masterpiece that channelled the aftermath and pressures of fame, ageing, drugs, porn and paranoia. It also turned out to be the final act of Britpop.

You are welcome to ask Jane Savidge some burning qs and to sign your copy of her book which you can purchase from Terminal Records&Bar. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 53633723508_9e96e1cc71_k-1024x683.jpg
Jane Savidge: “Pulp’s This Is Hardcore” public author reading, TMW 2024 (Photo: Anna Markova)

Sat, April 6
19:00 – 19:50 Creative Culture Making: The City as a Canvas (in English)
Nobel Hall (Peetri 10)

The story of Burning Man is not just a tale of a city in the desert or the biggest party on Planet Earth. It’s a story of a culture of possibilities. A network of dreamers and doers. Similarly, Tallinn’s Club Hall is an impossible dream come true that explores the meaning and effect of not just club culture but our way of living and being.

How can our cities be more creative, connected, thriving, and fun? What are some lessons from Burning Man and its guiding principles? What roles do creative spaces, music, dancing, and nightlife play in the health of our communities and cities?

The discussion will only be in English with no subtitles.

Steven Raspa, Burning Man Project’s Associate Director of Community Events
Elena Natale, Founder of Club HALL
Ivo Upan, Estonian regional contact for Burning Man

Moderator: Marko Lepik (Speaker, Workshop Facilitator,

Sat, April 6
19:00 – 20:00 Meet the makers of Kosovo Music Embassy (KME) (In English)
Kivi Paber Käärid (Telliskivi 60a-7)

Kosovo Music Embassy (KME) is a non-official cultural mission that will pop up at TMW 2024 Vikendica’s playground.Ismail Myrseli (aka ISA) of Kosovo and Mart Avi (aka AVI) of Estonia have joined hands in cooperation with the Dutch agency Yugofuturism to curate Kosovo Music Embassy (KME) zone in the depths of KPK – a real Kosovan space that will be filled with exclusive artefacts, music and information to help you grasp the emergence of the 16-year-old teenage Republic of Kosovo and its music scene.

What do you know about Kosovo? With a traumatic yet electric history, the resilient youth of Kosovo have been solidifying their place as creators on the European stage in the realms of pop music, contemporary art, and film. Beneath this success lies an ever-evolving surge of initiatives thriving within underground environments. Following the recent visa liberalization for young Kosovars within the Schengen Zone, the horizon of opportunities has expanded, and a sense of anticipation permeates the air. This is an iconic moment that calls for a celebration!

The makers of Kosovo Music Embassy, TMW 2024 (Photo: Karlin Linamäe)