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Information for Ukranians arriving in Estonia HERE.

At this moment it is too early to discuss how to support the restoration of the Ukrainian music and culture sector. Because now, our nation, including musicians and the whole music community, is protecting our freedom across our country. To help the Ukrainian music community right now, please donate to support our quest for freedom. Below are some links we have compiled.

Alona Dmukhovska, Music Export Ukraine

How to support the people of Ukraine?

Here is a list of suggestions by Music Export Ukraine.

1. Donate funds to support internally displaced people, refugees and the Ukrainian people in their quest for freedom. 

– Support the people:
World Central Kitchen
Red Cross
SOS Ukraina   

– Support the Ukrainian Army:
National Bank of Ukraine
Come Back Alive Charity
Monobank (accept payments from the card of any bank in the world)
Phoenix Wings (non-lethal equipment for Ukrainian Army)

You can read and find more funds at Support Ukraine

2. Help with accommodation abroad at UkraineNow

3. Spread on your social media latest news/photos and videos from Ukraine/links to trusted funds/link to this list. Your voice matters.

Verified sources and trusted media to read and share:
– News with latest updates:
Ukrayinska Pravda
Kyiv Independent
The New Voice of Ukraine
Svidomi on Instagram
Ukraine Now on Telegram

– Official Sources:
President of Ukraine on Twitter and on Facebook
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Twitter and on Facebook

4. Attend street protests in your city to support Ukraine and condemn the aggression of the Russian regime. Look up for protests in your area at StandWithUkraine

Music Export Ukraine is an independent initiative, which helps Ukrainian emerging artists to establish connections, promote their music, develop careers and talent on the international level.

We wish strength and resilience to all Ukrainian people fighting for their lives at this very moment. We stand for Ukraine’s independence and for an end to the violence and suffering.

TMW’s mission has always been to unite people through culture and music. Hopefully, soon we can come together again. But today, we invite all of you to support Ukraine. Don’t be helpless but respond. Unite in rallies, discover and support Ukrainian independent music, and donate what you can.

It is also important to keep in mind that the decisions of the Russian regime do not speak for all Russians, our thoughts are also with those who take to the streets to stand up against the war.

No War! Нет войне! Ei sõjale!

Demonstration in support of Ukraine at Tallinn on 26 February 2022. Source: ERR / Photo: Ken Mürk