Laine Live

Uus Laine, a community venue nested in the lively area of Baltic Station, has put together their TMW 2024 showcase, presenting a line-up full of adventurous acts from near and far.

Vintage vibes will be offered by Greek crooner Johnny Labelle and Finnish AOR-revivalist Mr. Dad while Serbian experimental punk band Turbo Trans Turist and the German-Ukrainian power-pop trio Mirrors For Princes aim to break down the barriers between nostalgia and futurism, irony and sincerity. Bandit Voyage will bring the music of broken stereos and failed weddings straight from Czech Republic and Estonian scene will be represented by experimental funk band Kenors and lo-fi dream pop duo Karameel.


  1. Johnny LabelleGR
  2. KarameelEE
  3. Mr. DadFI
  5. Turbo Trans TuristiRS
  6. KenorsEE