Viljandi Folk Music Festival Stage

The Viljandi Folk Music Festival will bring an authentic folk experience to the TMW stage. Crisp Nordic sounds will collide with vibrant global rhythms in the Club of Different Rooms.

Local talent pool is represented by the playful Estonian zither explorers Duo Ruut diatonic accordionist Juhan Uppin and Duo Mann & Juula who help to breathe new life into the songs of Estonia's greatest traditional musicians. Polenta will draw inspiration from the rich roots of Finnish traditional music. Korrontzi will give traditional Basque music a modernised twist, while Italian Maria Mazzotta will treat the audience with precious folk-rock experience and Canadian siblings Le Diable a Cinq will revive the festive evenings they grew up with powerful complicity.


  1. Duo Mann & JuulaEE
  2. Juhan UppinEE
  3. Maria MazzottaIT
  4. PolentaFI
  5. Duo RuutEE
  6. KorrontziES
  7. Le Diable à CinqCA